AQUAGENIUS | BUYMARG – Amazon Product Listing Services

AQUAGENIUS | BUYMARG – Amazon Product Listing Services

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In this services case study, you will learn how Amazon Product Listing services help eCommerce companies list their products according to Amazon’s listing standards & better SEO to get on the top search results with the help of buymarg.


AQUAGENIUS, a company that specializes in manufacturing water purifiers, was struggling to increase their sales on Amazon. Despite having a strong product line, they were unable to reach a larger customer base and compete with other brands in their category.


To solve this problem, AQUAGENIUS enlisted the help of BUYMARG, an eCommerce consulting firm that specializes in Amazon product listing services. BUYMARG’s team conducted a thorough analysis of AQUAGENIUS’s current listing and identified areas for improvement.
They optimized the product titles and descriptions, added high-quality images and videos, and made sure that the products were properly categorized and tagged. Additionally, BUYMARG helped AQUAGENIUS create compelling product bundles and deals, to increase the perceived value of their products.


As a result of BUYMARG’s optimization efforts, AQUAGENIUS’s improved product listings and enhanced product visibility helped AQUAGENIUS stand out among their competitors and reach a wider customer base. Additionally, the product bundles and deals created by BUYMARG helped increase the average order value, further boosting AQUAGENIUS’s sales. Overall, the partnership with BUYMARG helped AQUAGENIUS significantly increase their revenue on Amazon and establish themselves as a leading brand in the water purifier category.

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Before blindly launching your storefront, I recommend hiring a BUYMARG eCommerce consultant first to verify all business licenses and connections.

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