AQUAGENIUS | BUYMARG – eCommerce Product Image Optimization Services

AQUAGENIUS | BUYMARG – eCommerce Product Image Optimization Services

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In this services case study, you will learn how BUYMARG eCommerce product image optimization services help eCommerce companies present high-quality images to understand the products better.


AQUAGENIUS, a company that specializes in water purifiers, was having trouble getting their products to stand out on online marketplaces such as Amazon. They had high-quality products but their images were not effectively showcasing the features and benefits of the purifiers to potential customers.


BUYMARG, an eCommerce consulting firm, was brought on to help AQUAGENIUS optimize their product images. BUYMARG’s team of experts analyzed AQUAGENIUS’s current product images and identified areas for improvement, such as lighting, composition, and background. They then worked with AQUAGENIUS to create new images that highlighted the key features of the purifiers and communicated the benefits of using them.


After implementing the new images, AQUAGENIUS saw customer engagement and improved the overall look of the product listings, which led to a higher conversion rate. Additionally, the improved images helped to increase the visibility of the products in search results, leading to more visibility and brand awareness for AQUAGENIUS. Overall, the eCommerce product image optimization services provided by BUYMARG helped AQUAGENIUS to increase sales and build a stronger online presence.
It’s important to note that it’s not just the images but also the product title, description, bullet points, and other attributes that are part of the optimization process. So an overall optimization strategy that covers all these aspects will be more effective in driving sales.

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We are delighted with BUYMARG's services. Very Supportive. Always suggest some excellent ideas to grow the business, and they are very focused on ways to improve online business continuously.

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