FANTAIZE | BUYMARG – Product Image Optimization

FANTAIZE | BUYMARG – Product Image Optimization

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In this services case study, you will learn how BUYMARG image optimization services help eCommerce companies present high-quality images to understand the products better.


Fantaize is a very old brand, and A reputed dermatologist runs it from Hyderabad city. The brand wants to present high-quality product images to understand the products better to the customers. So, the company was looking for professional image editing & optimization services. So, Fantaize partnered with BUYMARG for product image optimization services.


BUYMARG creative designing experts conducted one-on-one online conversations to understand the branding requirements. As a result, our optimization experts deliver professionally enhanced, creative, finished, high-resolution images in the required size and presentation with proper branding, which the targeted customers easily understand.


As a result of optimized quality product images to attract more people, a better product conversion rate has influenced amazon’s rankings in a better way. 

  • Images optimization helps build Fantaize brand and goodwill.
  • BUYMARG experts save the fantaize time and reduce their efforts.
  • In a short period, Fantaize gained good growth in the business. 

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We love the quality and speed of the work. Would love to continue to work with BUYMARG for my new products.


KoushikBrand Owner