Havilah | BUYMARG – Amazon Brand Registry Services

Havilah | BUYMARG – Amazon Brand Registry Services

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In this services case study, you will learn how Amazon Brand Registry services help eCommerce companies set up their brand store creatively per the amazon SEO policies and standards with the help of buymarg.


Havilah, a fast-growing eCommerce company, was facing challenges in managing its brand on Amazon. They had multiple sellers using their brand name and counterfeit products being sold under their brand. This was causing confusion among customers and negatively impacting their brand reputation.


To help Havilah address these challenges, BUYMARG proposed to assist them in registering for Amazon Brand Registry Services. This would give Havilah exclusive control over their brand on Amazon, allowing them to take action against counterfeiters and unauthorized sellers. In addition, BUYMARG suggested implementing a robust product data management strategy to ensure that Havilah’s products were consistently presented in a professional and appealing manner.


After working with BUYMARG, Havilah was able to successfully register for Amazon Brand Registry. This gave them the necessary tools to protect their brand and take legal action against counterfeiters. Additionally, Havilah’s product data was optimized to improve discoverability and increase sales. As a result, Havilah saw an increase in brand recognition, customer loyalty, and revenue. They were able to take control of their brand and protect their reputation on Amazon.

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Before blindly launching your storefront, I recommend hiring a BUYMARG eCommerce consultant first to verify all business licenses and connections.


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