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ZM TECHY | BUYMARG – eCommerce Consulting Services

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In this services case study, you will learn how BUYMARG eCommerce consulting services help new eCommerce companies to know about technical and legal obligations, prerequisites, and required documents to launch their business in the eCommerce marketplaces like amazon.


ZM TECHY, a toy manufacturer based in India, was struggling to gain traction on Amazon and other e-commerce platforms. Despite having a range of unique and high-quality products, the company was finding it difficult to attract and retain customers.


To address this issue, ZM TECHY partnered with BUYMARG, an eCommerce consulting firm. BUYMARG helped ZM TECHY optimize its product listings and images, as well as provided consulting services on how to effectively market and sell its products online.


As a result of the partnership with BUYMARG, ZM TECHY saw a significant increase in online sales and customer engagement. The company was able to effectively showcase its products and attract a wider audience, leading to increased brand awareness and loyalty. The partnership with BUYMARG allowed ZM TECHY to tap into the potential of e-commerce and grow its business, resulting in a significant financial boost for the company.

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Vinay Kumar is Very Experienced and Professional in terms of online business development & technology. We recommend BUYMARG to everyone for Expert services.


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