TACTUS | BUYMARG – eCommerce Consulting Services

TACTUS | BUYMARG – eCommerce Consulting Services

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In this services case study, you will learn how BUYMARG eCommerce consulting services help new eCommerce companies to know about technical and legal obligations, prerequisites, and required documents to launch their business in the eCommerce marketplaces like amazon.


TACTUS, an electronic product company, was struggling to gain visibility and sales on their eCommerce platform. Despite having a strong product line, they were facing difficulties in effectively promoting their products and attracting potential customers.


TACTUS approached BUYMARG, an eCommerce consulting firm, for assistance in improving their online presence and increasing sales. BUYMARG conducted a thorough analysis of TACTUS’ current eCommerce strategy and identified several areas for improvement. They suggested implementing a comprehensive digital marketing campaign, optimizing product images and descriptions, and streamlining the checkout process to improve the customer experience.


As a result of the strategies implemented by BUYMARG, TACTUS saw a significant increase in website traffic and sales. Their products were more effectively promoted to targeted audiences, resulting in a higher conversion rate. The improvements to the checkout process also resulted in a decrease in cart abandonment rates. Overall, TACTUS experienced a significant boost in their eCommerce performance, thanks to the expertise and guidance provided by BUYMARG.

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We are delighted with BUYMARG's services. Very Supportive. Always suggest some excellent ideas to grow the business, and they are very focused on ways to improve online business continuously.


SANTHOSHBusiness Owner