Unity Hair | BUYMARG – eCommerce Consulting Services

Unity Hair | BUYMARG – eCommerce Consulting Services

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In this services case study, you will learn how BUYMARG eCommerce consulting services help new eCommerce companies to know about technical and legal obligations, prerequisites, and required documents to launch their business in the eCommerce marketplaces like amazon.


Unity Hair is a Hyderabad-based hair wig manufacturing company. As a provider of wigs and hair services, Unity Hair was facing challenges in effectively reaching their target audience and driving sales through their eCommerce platform. They approached BUYMARG, an eCommerce consulting service, to help them improve their online presence and increase their sales.


BUYMARG worked with Unity Hair to develop a comprehensive eCommerce strategy that included optimizing their product listings and images, improving the user experience on their website, and implementing targeted marketing campaigns. In addition, BUYMARG provided guidance on managing inventory and fulfilling orders to ensure a seamless shopping experience for customers.


Through the implementation of BUYMARG’s eCommerce consulting services, Unity Hair was able to improve their online visibility and drive a significant increase in sales. The company saw a 60% increase in website traffic, leading to a 50% increase in online sales. Additionally, the streamlined processes put in place by BUYMARG helped Unity Hair save time and resources, allowing them to focus on growing their business. Overall, the eCommerce consulting services provided by BUYMARG had a significant impact on the success of Unity Hair’s online business.

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We are delighted with BUYMARG's services. Very Supportive. Always suggest some excellent ideas to grow the business, and they are very focused on ways to improve online business continuously.


VISHNUBusiness Owner