FUR DICH | BUYMARG – Product Explainer Video Services

FUR DICH | BUYMARG – Product Explainer Video Services

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In this services case study, you will learn how BUYMARG Product explainer video services help eCommerce companies to make their products look more appealing with the explainer videos to attract more customers on amazon.


FUR DICH is an apparel manufacturing company based in India. While the company has a strong local presence, they wanted to expand their reach and sell their products online on various e-commerce platforms, including Amazon. They realized that product videos can be a powerful marketing tool and decided to invest in professional explainer videos to showcase their products and increase sales.


To help Fur Dich create professional and engaging explainer videos that would showcase their products and attract customers, they decided to invest in Product Explainer Video services. After researching various e-commerce agencies, they chose BUYMARG for their expertise and competitive pricing.
BUYMARG worked closely with the team at Fur Dich to understand their products and target audience. They then created professional and engaging explainer videos for the apparel products, highlighting the features and benefits of the products. They also provided guidance on how to effectively use the videos to market and promote the products.


The Product Explainer Videos created by BUYMARG were highly effective in helping Fur Dich sell their products on various e-commerce platforms. The professional and engaging videos helped to attract and retain customers, leading to an increase in sales.
The client was extremely satisfied with the results and plans to continue working with BUYMARG for future explainer video needs. Overall, the Product Explainer Video services provided by BUYMARG were a valuable asset for Fur Dich, helping them to effectively showcase their products and reach a wider audience.

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We are delighted with BUYMARG's services. Very Supportive. Always suggest some excellent ideas to grow the business, and they are very focused on ways to improve online business continuously.

SHIVA REDDYBusiness Owner