SRI VASAVI & CO | BUYMARG – eCommerce Consulting Services

SRI VASAVI & CO | BUYMARG – eCommerce Consulting Services

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In this services case study, you will learn how BUYMARG eCommerce consulting services help new eCommerce companies to know about technical and legal obligations, prerequisites, and required documents to launch their business in the eCommerce marketplaces like amazon.


SRI VASAVI & CO is a healthcare company that was looking to expand its reach and increase sales through eCommerce channels. However, the company had limited experience with online sales and was struggling to effectively market and sell its products on platforms like Amazon.


To help SRI VASAVI & CO increase its online sales, BUYMARG, an eCommerce consulting firm, was hired to provide guidance and support. BUYMARG worked with the company to optimize its product listings, improve the overall presentation of its products on the Amazon platform, and develop a comprehensive eCommerce strategy.


As a result of BUYMARG’s eCommerce consulting services, SRI VASAVI & CO was able to significantly increase its online sales and reach a wider audience. The company’s products became more visible and attractive to potential customers, leading to a significant increase in conversions and overall revenue. Additionally, SRI VASAVI & CO was able to better understand the eCommerce landscape and develop a successful long-term strategy for online sales.

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Very helpful in providing all the details regarding seller central. They always help me deal with the different issues of the account and work well to generate maximum sales. Thank You


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