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PHONE AFFAIR | BUYMARG – eCommerce Consulting Services

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In this services case study, you will learn how BUYMARG eCommerce consulting services help new eCommerce companies to know about technical and legal obligations, prerequisites, and required documents to launch their business in the eCommerce marketplaces like amazon.


PHONE AFFAIR, a mobile accessories company, approached BUYMARG for eCommerce consulting services to improve the performance of their online store and increase sales. The company was facing challenges in managing their product listings, optimizing product images, and effectively showcasing their products to potential customers.


BUYMARG’s team of eCommerce experts worked with Phone Affair to understand their business goals and challenges. Based on this analysis, they recommended a range of eCommerce consulting services, including optimizing product listings, improving product images, and enhancing the overall user experience of the online store.
To optimize product listings, BUYMARG’s team suggested including detailed product descriptions, high-quality images, and relevant keywords to improve the visibility of Phone Affair’s products on online marketplaces. They also recommended enhancing the product images by using professional photography and editing techniques to showcase the products in the best light.
In addition to these services, BUYMARG’s team also provided recommendations on how to improve the overall user experience of the online store, including suggestions for website design and navigation, as well as strategies for generating customer reviews and feedback.


As a result of implementing the recommendations provided by BUYMARG, Phone Affair saw a significant increase in their online sales and customer engagement. The optimized product listings and enhanced product images helped attract more potential customers to their online store, leading to an increase in conversion rates. The improved website design and user experience also helped retain customers and generated positive feedback and reviews, which further contributed to the success of the online store. Overall, Phone Affair’s collaboration with BUYMARG’s eCommerce consulting team resulted in a significant boost to their online sales and customer satisfaction.

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We are delighted with BUYMARG's services. Very Supportive. Always suggest some excellent ideas to grow the business, and they are very focused on ways to improve online business continuously.


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