Drop Shipping Business in india

Drop Shipping Business in india

Everyone likes to make money, some choose to work for others, and some are so clever so that they create ideas to earn money. The first one is called a job and the later one is called Business.

Doing a job in a company not that hard but it has its own drawbacks, while Business is owned by you and has not answerable to anyone, it has its own risks.

Don’t bother about logistics in Drop Shipping

In Business, you work more, put your wit in the right place, you will reap more. How about a Business in which you don’t need to work more, need not break head on unnecessary things such as logistics?

Amazing right,

Yes, that is what we call as “Drop shipping”. Drop shipping is the process where you make the pictures and details of the product online and once the customer orders the product you can forward it to the wholesale dealer or retailer, and they will ship the product to the customer.

Isn’t that something feels like less work.

Yeah, that’s it, many countries have already implemented it and reaping the benefits.

How would this Business flourish in India

India as an emerging country, have a good scope of implementing this process and would reap more benefits in its business.

How would this Business flourish in India? Indian population consists of elder people whose children live far from them, reason being Job or studies. These elder people who need assistance in most of their household needs are better benefited with Drop shipping Business.

They would order any thing they need starting from groceries to medicines and would get them at their door step.

Ok Ok


Coming to the question point, how would seller benefit, as already told above he does not think about the logistics as dealer would ship the product, need not stock any product and wait for it to get sold, should not worry about the quality of the product as it goes thru rigorous quality check before shipped. Therefore It would be a win-win business for both the customer and the seller.

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