How to choose the right product to sell on Amazon?

How to choose the right product to sell on Amazon

How to choose the right product to sell on Amazon?

If you aspire to be a seller on the Amazon marketplace, the first thing you’d think about is the product. You soon realize that what you want to sell is the ultimate key to make you successful.

This alternatively means that spending hefty on SEO or making your products look attractive is not enough. You need to figure out if your product is at all going to have demand. If there is no demand, no matter how much you optimize your views, you can’t make sales.

When you don’t have a new product to offer and want to sell an existing product, you need market research. Even a new product needs market research so that you estimate the probable demand you can draw in.

However, if you already have a brand selling unique goods, you need to find ways to spread awareness. Either way, market research, and analysis become a crucial part.

What to sell on Amazon?

There is a step-by-step process to help you figure out what you can sell on Amazon. You can try and find out yourself. However, depending on a professional company will help you get the accurate statistics. None-the-less, we share a basic guide to help you understand how this works.

1. Finding out what actually sells

You can rely on Amazon Best Sellers List and search through different product categories to find out what sells. You will get to see the top 100 products that are commonly sold in the marketplace. You can choose one of these, as you are sure to get into the competition where there is good demand.

Private labeling can help you make money on Amazon. You just need to find out a product that sells already, reach out to a reliable supplier, and add your own packaging or label to it.

The method helps you without inventing something new, but leaves your mark on it. It is true that creating a new product and trying to build a demand will take a lot of time and risk.

There are also high chances of failure, but if you determine to do that, you can work on it too. You can model a product that already sells, is profitable, and simply get great returns with minimal effort. At least, it assures you of returns and helps you build a bigger and better plan.

2. Follow proper criteria to find a product

There are several aspects that you need to think of before you select a product on Amazon. The most vital ones are listed below:

  • The product should be light and small as the big ones or heavy ones make a huge difference in the shipping cost.
  • Choose a product that costs more than $10 and gives you a profit of more than 30%.
  • Choose a product that won’t damage easily or have complications. Breakage not only leads to losses but also customers complain.
  • If you offer a new product, try to make it as inexpensive as possible.
  • New products must be able to stand out in the market. Old products should be chosen as per high market sales.
  • Choose a product that makes you passionate about your work.
  • Assume a larger picture that allows you to incorporate more products in the future. Here, you need to analyze the growth of your niche and the brand you wish to create.

3. Identify profitable products in the market

Once you find out some of the profitable products that sell on Amazon, you will want to dig deeper. You will want to know which ones sell more, has a higher profit margin, and will keep growing in the near future.

The tool of Amazon Best Seller Ranking helps you see the number of sales that competitors make every day. This will help you analyze the competition.

You need to research more about the top products or the ones that interest you. The ones that interest you must also be among the top options, but you have a pool of products to choose from. There are plenty of categories online, but you should target a product that has more than 10,000 sales per day.

Amazon Best Seller Ranking shows you the number of units selling every day. Be specific about choosing your product and analyze the past, present, and probable growth of the option.

4. Analyze competition and how to compete

After you have selected a few options that can work out well, you need to analyze the competition. You need to find out the options that you will be competing with. You have to look for quality and reviews of competitor’s product.

If the competitor’s product has thousands of reviews, it will be tough for you to fight it. It takes years to grow that many reviews.

Now suppose you see that the product you want to sell has more than 200 reviews and the competitor has over 1000 reviews. You can still grow by selling that particular product because people will buy it anyway.

It is not just about the amount of reviews customer’s see, but they also tally the benefits, price, features, and so on.

5. Keep your options open

Just because you are going to sell on Amazon, doesn’t mean you won’t research outside this e-commerce site. Try to go through Alibaba and look for products there too. At the end of the day, it is about understanding what sells and not where it sells from.

You can find manufacturers or suppliers selling the same product that you just chose. You can find out the potential of adding a private label to that product and the cost of it.

Alibaba helps you find out the list of manufacturers and suppliers as soon as you search your product type. It gives you a better idea about the potential of how your product can sell. It strengthens your research and you know that your product will sell on Amazon.

Go through this process to figure out what to sell on Amazon. Reach out to suppliers and ask them more about how that product sells. They will give you a vivid idea as they know what is more profitable. They deal with several types of product, and they can help you choose the right option as well.

Top products that sell on Amazon

We are sure that you’d get the best product options through Amazon Best Sellers List. However, there is no harm in looking through the best options. Below, we have added the probable product options that can give you an initial idea of what to sell. If you choose one of these, you are surely not going to fail:

1. Clothing, footwear, and accessories

Clothing is one of the safest options to sell online. People want variety, style, and keep upgrading their wardrobe. Clothing is one category that can never stop selling. Footwear options become dicey for people, but the ones who are sure of their size can buy them too. Accessories are yet another part that you can’t miss out on.

People usually start with clothing, then move to accessories and then to footwear. You can have all of these in your niches, and get a steady demand. These can come in different styles, sizes, and gives you wide market to deal with. The more you can offer, the more you can sell.

2. Handmade or customized products

Consumers love the fact on owning something that no one else owns. If you plan to sell something unique, you should cater to handmade or customized goods.

Assure your customers that what they receive is unique to any other commodity, and they will feel attracted towards it. It also lets you work on your passion, deliver something that satisfies your soul, and also put a high-profit margin.

Uniqueness can also come through clothing just as every stylist has an exclusive touch to add. Home décor products, bathroom essentials, and many other options can draw in people who love customized goods.

3. Beauty products

Right after clothing if there is something that can highly sell, it has to be beauty products. The cosmetic industry is growing significantly. People are more and more inclined towards looking good and being presentable.

Personal care products always have high chances of selling. Currently, people are shifting towards natural care products or organic beauty products. There is a huge scope to draw in people towards a healthier alternative.

4. Electronic Goods

There are high chances of getting great returns from electronic goods. This happens because more than 43% of people buy electronics online. The prices are comparatively lower than what people sell offline.

From cameras to mobile accessories, people are more inclined towards buy electronics online. You can start selling these products as they have huge demand and keep selling every second.

5. Home products or kitchen essentials

Nowadays, even grocery is being sold online, so why will the utensils not make its way? There is also a high demand for selling home products online. The everyday staples, now come over to your doorstep, and that too at a lower cost.

You will keep having sales if you choose this niche of products instead of the rest above.

Once you figure out what to sell, you need to start working on your Amazon profile. If you don’t want to get into the nitty-gritty aspects of being an online seller, count on services that get these done.

BUYMARG helps you create and channelize your online Amazon seller account and bring you great sales and profit. If you are wondering how, read all about their services below.

Market Analysis Services by BUYMARG

Rather than going through hours of research, you should opt for market analysis services instead. BUYMARG is one such company that helps you take up your e-commerce website as your own. They help you in every possible way – from offering product options to optimizing your sales.

When you opt for BUYMARG services, you will be sure that you are moving in the right direction. Their services will give you the accurate analysis that you cannot find out with hours of research.

They will give you correct statistics and suggest what can profit you. They don’t just think about current trends, but also help you forecast the growth if your product type. It is smart to choose marketing analysis services by BUYMARG to boost your Amazon sales.

The Market Analysis Services by BUYMARG will help you get a detailed statistical and analytical data about the top sales. They will give you an insight on prices and competition.

Their market research strategies help you know how to reach out to customers. They know which product is in demand and how selling those can benefit you. BUYMARG services will reduce the probable risks you can have by randomly choosing a type of product to sell. Even incorrect market research can lead you to losses. Thus, relying on a company that deals with this, will help you get better returns.

BUYMARG helps you introduce a new product to a market as well. They can give you a potential idea of how to channelize your sales. They optimize and tell you the real effectiveness of selling your product.

It is a detailed survey that they go through to give you the accurate statistics. The services will charge you little money, but they will give you definite returns. It is much better than relying on your own understanding and failing to make your product sellable.

BUYMARG is one of the leading companies in India that provide dropshipping services. You can literally allow them to manage your entire website and manage the minimal aspects of it. You will still get your returns as expected or more than what you expect. BUYMARG helps you make sales and reaches goals.

BUYMARG does a market overview to know how your product can work out. They go through geographical analysis, demographic analysis, and behavioral analysis to understand customer’s tastes and preferences.

They also analyze the price, competitor’s sales, and the customer’s reviews on other relative products. This way, you get a clear picture of aspects that make a difference in your product sales. Now that you know all about BUYMARG services, it is time you consult them and set up your dream project.

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